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For more information about whom to contact regarding financial issues, 6D Certificates, and specific condominium, commercial or residential property, go to our "About Us" page.


Richard Madowitz, Owner and Property Manager
Extension 101 - Direct Dial #: 413-650-6025

Russ Jopson, Owner and Property Manager
Extension 102 - Direct Dial #: 413-650-6027


Lisa Nawrocki, Office Manager
Extension 100 - Direct Dial #: 413-650-6022


Patricia Taylor, Property Manager
Extension 106 - Direct Dial #: 413-650-6018


Maura Manijak, Property Manager
Extension 109 - Direct Dial #: 413-650-6023


Sabrina Bardwell, Property Manager
Extension 103 - Direct Dial #: 413-650-6010

Diane Jurkowski, Financial Administrator
Extension 104 - Direct Dial #: 413-650-6021

Cindy Jopson, Assistant Financial Manager
Extension 105  - Direct Dial #: 413-650-5926         *6D Certificates


Did you know?

You can drop off your rent or condo fee payment directly to our office whenever Thornes Marketplace is open.

There is a silver mailbox outside our offices on the third floor of Thornes. We check it every business morning and it is locked at all other times to ensure the safekeeping of your checks and correspondence.


Career Opportunities

We are not currently hiring.