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Fairway Village Condominiums

Fairway Village is a 91 unit condominium complex located in Leeds, MA. Managed by Patricia Taylor, 413-650-6018.


ATTENTION LENDERS and REALTORSThe condo association's master insurance policy is held with JUBINVILLE INSURANCE, 413-538-8293.  Please check the Master Deed and By-Laws to determine insurance requirements. The insurance company cannot release information until a closing date is set.

Condo Documents

OWNERS:  Please Review the Rules and Regulations, as well as the other Condo Documents listed below.  ALL exterior alterations and certain interior alterations must be pre-approved by the Board of Trustees.

Master Deed


Rules & Regulations (updated 2017)

Article X - Mini-Splits (2017)

Other Documents

Board Items 

Radon Installation Options

Solar Rule



May 2018


RENTING YOUR UNIT?  Please make sure your tenants fill out the vehicle and Tenant Information forms (contained in the rental package below) and submit them to Pat Taylor at The Hampshire Property Management Group. Owners are responsible for their tenant's behavior at the complex. Please make sure they read and abide by ALL the condominium documents.

 Renter Package


REMINDER: Each year, Unit Owners must either 1) submit proof that their chimney has been cleaned or 2) submit a verification form that their chimney was not used. 

If you used your chimney, either an invoice or letter indicating that the chimney cleaning service was completed should be sent to Pat Taylor at HPMG. 

If you haven't used your chimney in the past year, you will have to complete a verification form (see below). This form is required each year.

Verification of Non-Use of Chimney


Preferred Vendors - Below is a list of preferred vendors that are familiar with the property.  Always hire fully licensed and insured contractors.  The Condo Association is not responsible for the vendor's work.  The costs for their services are a unit-owner expense.

  • Appliance Repair:  Gauger Appliance Repair - 413-527-2277
  • Carpet Cleaning:  The Butler Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Company  – 413-583-8333
  • Center for Ecological Technology (CET) - Bill Lafley, 413-586-7350 ext 222

  • Chimney Sweeping: Moe Berthiaume 413.436.8234 or Absolute Chimney Services 413.967.8002
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning:  Advanced Air Quality 413-821-8800 or Dustbusters 413.782.8682
  • Electrician:  Beaulieu Electric - 413-538-8741
  • General Repairs:  Jimmy Bro's Home Repair - James Brozoski - 413-250-6414 or Rhodes Construction - Tom Rhodes 413-658-8276
  • Garage Door Repairs/Openers:  Raynor Door Sales – 413-527-2447

  • Locksmith: Florence Lock & Key - Mark Sienkiewicz - 413-584-6282
  • Painting: Boss Painting - Matt - 413-221-3601 or Rhodes Construction 413.658.8276
  • Plumber/Hot Water Tanks:  Schneider Plumbing - 413-584-1634 or MJ Moran 413-268-7251
  • Satellite TV:  Electronics Center – Bill Lesko – 413-586-2270
  • Screen Doors, Deck or Porch Railings, Sliding Doors and Stairs:  Rhodes Construction 413-658-8276
  • Trash/Recycling: Alternative Recycling Systems - 413-587-4005

  • Window Cleaning: Renew Window Cleaning (Melody Edwards, formerly A-One Window Cleaning) - 413-584-7888

  • Window Replacement/Failures:  Lizotte’s Glass –  Sean - 413-532-2737or Rhodes Construction 413-658-8276

  • Mini-Split HVAC - Wilson Services 413.-584-3317 or MJ Moran 413-268-7251 or Pioneer HVAC 413-584-1634
  • Mini-Split Plumbing - Express Plumbing/Mark Wenowloski 413-626-3862


Need to know what to recycle? Check out this handy list from Alternative Recycling Systems.  Also included are their rates to dispose of larger items or items that should not be put into the dumpsters.