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Prospect Woods Homeowners Association

Prospect Woods Homeowners Association is a Homeowners Association in Northampton, MA. There are 34 units located on Hatfield Street, Warburton and Prospect Way. Managed by Sabrina Bardwell, 413-650-6010.

UNIT OWNERS: Have you noticed a street light out in your complex?  You can report it directly to National Grid here: 

National Grid Online Street Light Repair Request


ATTENTION LENDERS and REALTORS:  The condo association's master insurance policy is held with Insurance Center of N.E. - Marie Proulx 413-750-7114 OR Ewaugh Leonard 978-754-4416 Please check the Master Deed and By-Laws to determine insurance requirements. The insurance company cannot release information until a closing date is set.


Homeowners Association Documents

HOA Governing Restrictions (effective July 8, 2015)

Certificate of Vote (2014)

Certificate of Vote (2015)

Prospect Woods General Information

 2017 Amendment to Declaration - Maintenance, Repair, Replacement of Units


2017  Amendment to Declaration - Maintenance and Garages