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Prospect Woods Homeowners Association

Prospect Woods Homeowners Association is a Homeowners Association in Northampton, MA. There are 34 units located on Hatfield Street, Warburton and Prospect Way. Managed by Sabrina Bardwell, 413-650-6010.

UNIT OWNERS: Have you noticed a street light out in your complex?  You can report it directly to National Grid here: 

National Grid Online Street Light Repair Request


ATTENTION LENDERS and REALTORS:  The condo association's master insurance policy is held with Insurance Center of N.E. - Marie Proulx 413-750-7114 OR Ewaugh Leonard 978-754-4416 Please check the Master Deed and By-Laws to determine insurance requirements. The insurance company cannot release information until a closing date is set.


Homeowners Association Documents

HOA Governing Restrictions (effective July 8, 2015)

Certificate of Election (2014)

Certificate of Managing Agent (2014)

Certificate of Vote (2014)

Certificate of Vote (2015)